Apologetic Energy and A Thank You Challenge

Today, I have an awareness challenge for you. 🙂

As you move throughout your week, pay attention to every time you say “Sorry” to someone, no matter the reason.

Additionally, pay attention to anytime you are showing up in apologetic energy, meaning anytime you are acting from the place of not wanting to “bother someone” or “be a bother.” That is, anytime it feels as though you are in an apologetic place even though you aren’t actually saying the specific words of “I’m sorry.”

And, here’s why…

“Being overly apologetic can lead a person to start feeling guilty about being themselves. The power of words and self-conditioning with them is a capable thing, and the more you say sorry, the more you are likely to feel guilty when there is no need for that. Of course, simple politeness goes a long way, but in this case, that’s not what we’re talking about here.”

Source: Bored Panda Article by Dainius

Once you’ve raised your awareness around how this habit of apologizing may be showing up for you in your life, challenge yourself to see if you can turn “sorry” into “thank you.”

For example…

“Sorry I’m late.” can become “Thank you for your patience.”

“Sorry, I’m not making a lot of sense.” or “Sorry, I’m just rambling.” can become “Thank you so much for listening.”

“Sorry, I’m kind of a drag.” or “Sorry I’m wasting your time” can become “Thank you for spending your time with me.”

“I’m sorry to bother you.” can become “Thank you for helping me out.” and “I really appreciate your time.”

You get the idea!

Next, consider:

How is saying sorry and/or apologetic energy showing up in your life?

How often do you apologize when it really isn’t necessary?

How many of those sorry’s can you turn into thank you’s?

How can you shift apologetic energy into appreciative energy?

And last but not least…

How does making these small shifts change how you feel and how you show up in your life?

I’d love to hear!

And thank you so much for your time reading this post. 😉

💕 Deise


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