Doubt Your Doubt

Doubt is an emotion created with our minds.

What do you make it mean when you feel doubtful?

Do you make it mean that you’re not doing something right?

If so, you probably stop moving forward with the associated goal or outcome for a time.

Doubt doesn’t have to mean something has gone wrong, though.

We get to choose what we make it mean.

So, when you feel doubtful and like you’re doing it wrong…

Doubt your doubt.

Instead of meaning you’re doing it wrong, doubt could mean…

Nothing has gone wrong here.

I’m doing it right.

I’m evolving.

I’m taking myself to the next level of my life.

I trust myself to figure this out. I can solve any problem. I can overcome any obstacle. I know I won’t give up.

This doesn’t mean I can’t do this. I’ve got this.

Doubt is part of the deal. This is supposed to happen. It’s part of the natural progression; it’s a natural reaction to growth.

Think about doubt this way and guess what?!

You’ll keep going.

You’ll keep moving forward.

And you’ll get closer and closer to achieving that desired goal / outcome…until you’re there.

What will you make doubt mean when it comes up for you?

You get to choose!

💕 Deise


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