Something to Look Forward To

It’s Sunday evening, and tomorrow another week begins.

Have you given yourself something to look forward to throughout your week?

We can have a tendency to value productivity over fun.

The list of things we have to do is always on our mind as we try to “fit it all in” and feel like supermom.

In the process, we can forget about the fun.

Sometimes, we can forget about it for so long we’re not even sure what would be fun for us anymore.

If you find yourself not knowing how to have fun, know that the best way to find out is to start trying different things with a mind open to having fun.

What can you plan on doing this week that would be fun for you?

Each day, give yourself something to look forward to (and know that you can do this with your kids, too!)

Allow yourself to have a little more fun this week.

💕 Deise


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