Thoughts on Religion

I celebrated my birthday this week! 🎉

The very next day my knees started popping every time I walk up stairs. 🤔 Lol.

As I move more into my 30’s, I’m challenging myself to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I went out to a girls’ night last night, and would you believe it if I told you that was my first time ever wearing a sleeveless dress?

I have an identity as a very modest person. And I also had a lot of thoughts about how some people (who I care a lot about) might feel if they knew I was wearing a sleeveless dress. Ha!

It sounds a little ridiculous to say that out loud, especially because I know my actions don’t create other people’s feelings: their feelings are caused by their thoughts about my actions.

But, still, this seemingly small thing of no sleeves on a dress is quite the ordeal for me, because of my thoughts about it.

I used to be Mormon. I stopped associating myself with Mormonism a little over a year ago, in May.

And, the only reason I’m sharing this is because I had a conversation with a good friend recently who reached out to me because I mentioned once in a post that I’d been through a faith crisis, and she wanted to know how I got through that. Turns out she left the church recently, too. And, another good friend of mine from the same circle left around the same time I did.

So, it has me thinking that maybe there are other people I know who either have been or are going through a faith crisis, who might benefit from knowing I’ve been through it.

If that’s you and you ever want to chat, feel free to reach out!!

I love that, thanks to coaching, I was able to get to a place of viewing Mormonism (AKA, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) the same as I view any other church I’m not a part of…BEFORE I made the decision to leave…with no bitterness or hard feeling or resentment of any kind. I love that I made my decision from a very conscious place. And I love that I was able to do it without feeling a need to distance myself from the people I love who still associate with the church.

I still have the same Mormon friends (plus other friends I have made, of course!). And I still completely admire and respect anyone who chooses to align themselves with Mormonism. I don’t view my family any differently just because our beliefs are different. And I’m not out to convince anyone not to believe it. I believe 100% that people get to believe whatever they want to believe. And how fun is that?

I love that we all get to choose what we want to believe and what kind of life we want to live, and I love learning from the beliefs of others, no matter their organized religion. Like a buffet of thoughts I can choose from to believe.

I personally don’t identify with any particular organized religion now…and not sure I ever will. And I’m still figuring out what I want to believe about God or not.

But, regardless, I believe we all have religion. Cause what religion really is, for all of us, is the cumulative of everything we believe to be true (whether that aligns with our stated organized religion or not).

And, what is a belief??

A belief is simply a thought that has been thought so many times it feels true, regardless of whether or not it is actually true.

Organized religion, in my mind, is just a prescribed or suggested set of thoughts to believe.

Not having organized religion doesn’t mean a person doesn’t have morals or values. And it’s been delightful for me to discover just how true that is for myself and other people I know.

If you’re going through or have been through any kind of faith crisis…no matter where you land with it…I invite you to consider that it can be the best thing that ever happened FOR you.

Through that experience, I learned how to communicate with my husband so much better. I feel more connected to my husband, myself, and others I love. My relationships with other people are more authentic, meaning people get to know the real me and not some facade. And I get to discover more of “me” too. I have more respect for differing beliefs. I love more and judge less. And I am less affected by the opinions of others. I have no shame in my decision and I feel no need to hide.

My friends, live your life in a way that feels good to YOU!! Whatever that looks like. Cause YOU matter. And no one but YOU can know what is best for YOU.

💕 Deise

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs


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