Unconditional Love

I was joking with a friend the other day about how with kids, unconditional love lasts until about age 2.5, and after that, there are no promises. 😆 lol.

Course, what really happens is my brain has no expectations of my kids until about age 2.5 – those babies can do no wrong in my mind. Ha! And then the older they get, the more expectations I have.

Now there is nothing wrong with having expectations…it’s when we allow our emotions to be based on how well our kids comply with those expectations that we have problems. We create a lot of unnecessary suffering for ourselves, and can end up emotionally manipulating our children without even realizing that is what we are doing. (Ever catch yourself saying something like, “It makes me sad when you _____.”?)

I’m reminded today of how precious these early years are when unconditional love is so easy for me to access. How I love the baby phase. ❤

And also, how thankful I am for coaching and how much more love I am able to feel and enjoy as a result of knowing how my brain works.

For the longest time I felt unworthy of love, and like I was loving “wrong.” Cause I thought love was supposed to look different than it did. I thought I had a love problem. I felt like my heart was blocked…but also felt a need to have walls around my heart to protect it from all the hurt and pain in the world.

Good news is that’s not true! No need to be afraid of emotions my friends. 

You have more power in your life than you know. And if you’d like to learn more about how your brain works and how you can feel more love, book a free consult with me or reach out!!

This stuff is my passion!

💕 Deise


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