What Do You Have Time For?

So many of us get caught in feeling like we don’t have enough time. Then we spend time thinking about all the things we don’t have time to do.

We procrastinate doing the important things and we distract ourselves from getting those those things done.

We create a result for ourselves where we end up with even less time to do things.

Are you familiar with this cycle?!

One of the most powerful shifts I have made in mindset is in this shift with my time.

You see, what we look for, we will find.

What we focus on expands.

When we are focused on what we don’t have time for, our brain is going to find all the things we don’t have time for. And, as long as we’re spinning in that, we won’t have time for things that are important to us.

What I want to offer you tonight is this…

When you find yourself stuck in this spin, ask yourself a question.

Just one question.

And this is it: “What DO I have time for?

We get 24 hours every day. That’s 168 hours every week.

So, what do you have time for?

How are you going to spend the time that you have?

What is a priority, to YOU?

What are you going to say no to?

I have 10 minutes to write this blog post, and then it’s bedtime. I’m getting ready for bed at 10:30 PM. Period.

A past version of myself would have spun out forever, thinking about all the things I could write about and how I’m not going to get it done in time and how it’s going to take forever and how I’m so slow and I don’t like to be rushed and things always take me longer than I think they will and it’s going to take forever…staying up too late and sacrificing my health while also compromising my ability to think as clearly the next day.

Not useful.


Now I am clear.

Sleep is my priority. AND so is getting this blog post done. But sleep is first.

It was 10:10 when I started writing this, and I’m getting ready for bed at 10:20 PM.

So, rather than spinning out and thinking that I don’t have enough time, I asked myself, “What do I have time for?”

I had time to write this post.

Ask yourself this question, and change your life.

💕 Deise


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