When Life Feels Mundane

As a SAHM, do you ever feel like life is drudgery?

Like you just do the same thing day after day?

Like you have nothing to look forward to?

Does it leave you dreading your day?

Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you feel like you move slower through your day, get less things done, and feel like you’re missing out on the fun?

Do you find yourself wondering where the day went and not looking forward to having to do it all again tomorrow?

If so, know that it’s not because your life is actually drudgery.

It’s because your brain serves up these THOUGHTS of “I have nothing to look forward to” and “I just do the same thing day after day” – and then you believe them and allow them to play on autopilot such that you THEN do the same thing day after day and don’t plan anything to look forward to.

The thoughts create feelings of drudgery / boredom / restlessness that then drive actions that create evidence to prove your thoughts true.

When I get stuck in a thought error loop like this, I love to just start asking myself questions that challenge my brain to explore other possibilities.

What if that’s not how today has to go?

What if I had something to look forward to today? What might that look like? What would I want to do? What if I did that today?

What would make today fun?

What could I love about today?

How could I enjoy this moment right now more? How is this fun?

It could be as simple as turning on some upbeat music, making time to go on a walk, or even just smiling more and making the “mundane” fun.

And, last but not least, perhaps remind yourself about who’s life will change because of what you are doing – because all of it changes lives.

Whose life are you changing, even in the smallest of ways?

💕 Deise

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